Snowkiting around the world

Our idea is joining together all of the current best events in a official tour. The best performing riders from these events then will be crowned the Snowkiting World Champion. The three major events in France, Italy and Sweden with support from the KSA and all other Snowkite organsizations to push the European and worldwide communities in Snowkiting. This is the reason we call the co-operation the official Snowkiting World Championship.


The Snowkitemasters in Serre Cheavlier (France), KWC at the Reschensee (Italy) and the Nordicmasters in Sälen (Sweden) put together their experience to make 2007/2008 a great start.


2008 was great to proof the potentials of snowkiting: The sport has a tremendous reach from racing over frozen lakes, freeriding in wide hills, endless flying, radical freeriding in high mountains or extreme wakeboard moves within fun parks. This means we experienced different judging formats and rider preferences. None of the single disciplines in Snwokiting can claim being the only valid and our aim will be to put together different experiences to make the sport become bigger and bigger instead of pushing it into the extreme.


Over 100 riders from Austria to the United States were pushing the Sport in 2008.

Here are the results.


The Championship will be expanded in 2009. The big challenge is to make the riders travel and price money for itself will not be the answer. Our aim is to set up a travel budget wich is spent to the riders for the 2009 events according to the results of 2008. The travel budget is financed by the sponsors we will present with the tour planning for 2009. Therefore it would be great if you mail us your profile so that we can build up a strong community.


The organizers of Serre Chevalier, Reschensee and Sälen strongly believe in having done a great first start and want to invite other events to join in.
An attractive spot, easy to be reached and ideally open towards spectators are the best criteria to apply.


Finally a great thanks to all the riders and helping hands who put together this fantastic season!

Snowkite Masters (Open French Championship)
Serre Chevalier/ France
January 10th. – 17rd. 2009

4.Deutsche Snowkite Meisterschaft (Open German Championship)
Reschensee/ Italy
February 6th.  – 8th. 2009

Nordic Masters

Sälen/ Sweden
26th. - 29th. March 2009

Cortina Snowkite Contest


12-15 MARCH 2009

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